Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Millennial Book

I've been struggling for a while with what tone I want to take in discussing the Millennial issue. More accurately, I guess you could say, I'm resisting taking the tone that in my heart of hearts I feel would be most appropriate. I suppose the simplest way to give you a sense of what this tone would be is to tell you the title I expect NO publisher will embrace: "Generational Apartheid; The Silent Massacre of Millennials in America."

Everyday, in my work I witness how most of the generation of Americans born since 1982 are systematically ostracized from participation and contribution in society and business at large. I think all of us understand what it feels like at some level to be excluded from membership in a dominant or popular group. On one level, this could be considered the default condition of adolesence. For Millennials, however, it is a much more systematic and insidious denial., easily as heinous and unforgiveable as racism or sexism. The pervasive bias against an entire generation that, through no fault of their own, thinks and behaves very differently is damaging all parties involved in ways that are just beginning to be reckoned with.

My purpose here will be to consider and discuss the nature and implications of the widespread cultural bias against a generation that could and should be considered "Human Beings v.2.0!" They are not lazy, ADD, spoiled or self-indulgent. They are not broken and they don't need fixing.


Howard said...

I was not aware of any systematic bias against young folks. I *am* painfully aware of systematic bias against older workers, especially programmers.

Kathryn Booth said...

This book is finished and now for sale at!